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Infrared Electrical Thermography Inspections and Their Importance

The significance of infrared scanning for electrical installations is summarized in its ability to detect an electrical fault before it causes total failure. This is done by watching the heat buildup in any stressed electrical element while in working condition and looking normal to non-infrared test equipment or to the naked eye. The heat signature is determined through an Infrared camera. The pictures are then dissected and used as basis for resolving the problem before a breakdown can occur, thus preventing production loss because of unexpected downtime.

Surprise electrical failures do not only cause inconvenience but are costly as well. Infrared electrical thermography is a nifty device that can pinpoint stressed electrical elements before they lead to issues. This offers you time to do the necessary repairs to prevent serious trouble - a fire, for example.

It is along this line that insurance companies are insisting on using infrared electrical thermography inspections for risk assessment. Only the biggest companies and mining houses could afford the service before, but today, even small to medium-sized business can now afford it, thanks to the unrelenting efforts of technologists.

In electrical maintenance, various types of data are analyzed, such as machine vibrations, while various types of inspection are conducted as well, including audio, ultrasonic and thermal infrared checks.Thermography is the process used for identifying hot spots in electrical systems.This task is usually performed with a special type of thermometer, such as thermocouple sensors. One limitation of this method is that the instrument used can only provide temperature readings on particular spots but not the entire electrical system.

This becomes irrelevant, however, when the installation is viewed as the sum total of all the individual components that make it up. Hence, the individual states of its parts is its combined state.

Infrared Thermography Survey Benefits

Based on an estimate by large insurance carriers, up to 25 percent of all electrical breakdowns are a result of faulty electrical circuitry. Infrared technology is now among the most preferred methods for power failure prevention, with the added perk of being able to implement solutions without requiring an outage. Below are more benefits offered by infrared technology, specifically in identifying:The following are more benefits provided by infrared technology, particularly in detecting:Here are more benefits that come with infrared technology, specifically in the detection of:

> Loose connections, bad contacts and similar issues > overheating underrated cables upon demand > unbalanced loads > stressed elements (circuit breakers, earth leakage units, etc.) Check infrared electrical inspection services to learn more.

Choosing Qualified Experts

The advantages of hiring qualified personnel to conduct electrical thermal inspections is two-dimensional: problems can be accurately determined, and misdiagnosed issues and unneeded repairs can be prevented. Check thermal imaging analysis charlotte for more info.

Hiring the right experts makes sure they are not only competent in providing thermal imaging services, but also knowledgeable and experienced in electrical installations. Visit for other references.

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